During a longer stay it is worth visiting the sights of the neigbourhood.
The protestant church of the Puszta is located not far from the Tanya, the chatolic church is in Kerekegyháza. Of course we also recommend a visit to the “Famous city of Kecskemét. It takes about 25 Minutes to get there by car. On the beautifully reconstructed main square there is always a pulsing life. The main attractions are: the most up-to-date swimming pool and waterpark of Europe, the permanent exhibitions of the Czifra Palast, the chimes of the Town Hall, the national museum of applied arts, they all attract lots of tourist visiting the City providing long lasting memories. www.kecskemet.hu
Another tip is the visit of the Paprika Museum in Kalocsa.   www.kalocsa.hu
National and Historical commemorial Park in Ópusztaszer. www.opusztaszer.hu
We can prived further information about the other sights in the neighbourhood, eg. bike tours, spas, etc.

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